CST has conducted a IOT(robotics workshop) to spread awareness on latest technology and their applications, in our school campus. The workshop saw huge success as many students registered for and attended the workshop.  The workshop focused on the basics of electronics, teaching students to use basic engineering gadgets like the breadboard, raspberry pie, motor driver board and also teaching them basic programming language to control and connect different devise together  like PYTHON.


Many students from class VI TO X took part in the workshop and learnt how to do basic breadboard connections, design their own pcb using raspberry pie and python, connecting  the components on a pcb and then executing some codes using raspberry to use components like LM35, buzzer , ldr , led, push button, float sensor , IR sensor and Ultrasoninc sensor. There were 19 teams in total and each team was allowed with 3 participants in maximum.


57  students  were distributed amongst 2 batch as per their preferences.


Schedule of which was as follows.


Batch FROM TO No. Of
No.     teams
BATCH 1 GR. 1 GR. 10 30(10)
BATCH2 GR.11 GR.19 27(9)
EXTRA     Teams
   Friday  6:30pm to 8:30pm having



Topics  covered under each session was pre-planned by the technical team and followed accordingly. Overview of which is as follows :


1 Bread board connections of the circuit Students learnt the connections involved in
  Layout connecting the basic components
2 Python programming lang. Students made the circuit diagram of the circuit on
    their pc using eagle
3  & pin details Students learnt routing and soldering of the
    components on their pcb
4 Raspberry Purpose of using Raspberry, detailed info about
    Raspberry, Basic blinky code
5 Raspberry Fading code, push button code, simple counter code,
    LDR code, measuring room temperature using LM35


                           Project  Live switch on/off for bulb and autonomus robo

After the completion of the workshop, the participants will be  given a kit(If they pay amount for the Kit) with all the components they used throughout the workshop. The participants were awarded certificates on the accomplishment of the workshop.