The Dining Hall traditions have evolved – from the era of formal European seating arrangement, to the Indian full service style, to the modern, efficient, self-service.  Deep freezers, food processors, ovens, huge grinding devices and other gadgets have not only eased the work of the kitchen staff, but have also enhanced the dining experience. The school Dining Hall effortlessly hosts all students in a single turn. The menu is a blend of popular cuisines, combining taste and variety with nutrition and a balanced diet. The highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.
It also avails a mess facility to the day scholars. The Annapurna provides pure Indian food. The main aim of the Annapurna is to provide a high quality food which is rich in nutrients. Homely food is provided to the students. The mess provides a huge variety of food. The students enjoy eating food in mess.School meals are carefully supervised by the staff members who look after the mess, and efforts are made to provide a well-balanced diet with a variety of dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Pork and Beef do not feature on the menu.Fresh fruit, vegetables and milk are provided every day, and extra or special food, if approved as necessary by the school doctor, is catered for. Teachers and students eat together at the table and the Mess Committee includes both staff and students.