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Idol making of Lord Ganesh
Teachers day celberations 05-09-2018
Krishna Janmastami 01-09-2018
Food Fest by IV Grade 28-08-2018
IV-Mercury Assembly 27-08-2018
Mission Green Schools 25-08-2018
Saturday Literary and Sports activity 25-08-2018
Rakhi Celebration 24-08-2018
I-Gagan Assembly 24-08-2018
VIII-Einstein Assembly 23-08-2018
Rakhi making Activity 21-08-2018
III-Cuckoos Assembly 20-08-2018
Saturday Literary and Sports Activity 18-08-18
Independence day celebrations 15-08-2018
Flag Making Activity 14-08-2018
III-Buntings Assembly 13-08-2018
Parent Teacher meet 11-08-2018
II-Pearl Assembly 10-08-2018
VIII-Dalton Assembly 09-08-2018
VI-Pacific Assembly 08-08-2018
II-Sapphire Assembly 03-08-2017
VIII-Newton Assembly 02-08-2018
VI Atlantic Assembly 01-08-2018
III Barbets Assembly 30-07-2018
Saturday activity 28-07-2018
II Emerald Assembly 27-07-2018
VII Sridhara assembly 26-07-2018
VI Antarctic Assembly 25-07-2018
Aqualife activity 24-07-2018
IV Jupiter Assembly 23-07-2018
Saturday Literary Activity 21-07-2018
I-Gagan Assembly 20-07-2018
Prefectorial Council Teachers Nominations 19-07-2018
VII Brahmagupta Assembly 19-07-2018
VI-Arctic assembly 18-07-2018
Sand&earbud painting,raibow making activity17-07-2018
CT-I in progress 17-07-2018
IV Mars Assembly 16-07-2018
Guest lecturer on Attitude and Success, by Prof.K.Ramanuja Rao, Dy Registrar, Kaloji Health Unv.
Saturday literary activity 14-07-2018
I-Prithvi assembly 13-07-2018
VII Bhaskara assembly 12-07-2018
V-Aravalli Assembly 11-07-2018
Rain dance 10-7-2018
IV Mercury Assembly 09-07-2018
Saturday Literary Activity 07-07-2018
II-Pearl assembly 06-07-2018
V-Vindhyas Assembly
III-Cuckoos-Assembly 02-07-2018
III-Barbets assembly
ncc gun firing@Mamnoor
V-Himalaya Assembly
Saturday Literary and Sports Activity

II Sapphire Assembly

VII Ramanujan Assembly

V-Satpura Assembly

Sports Activity

Mango Mania@dpswarangal


III-Bunting Assembly

69th Republic Day Celebrated with Pride

Class Party @ DPS Warangal

Christmas Celebration @ DPS Warangal

Maths Day Celebration @ DPS Warangal

Food Festival @ DPS Warangal

Golden and Silver Day

One Nation. One Reading

Children’s Day Celebrations

3rd Annual Sports Day Celebration

Art and Craft Exhibition @ DPS Warangal

Red and Black Day Celebrations

Bathukamma Celebratios @ DPS Warangal

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Workshop on Be Smart Than Your Smart Gadgets

MUN Confluence @ DPS Bengaluru North

Technical Excursion @ New Delhi