The morning Assembly is an essential part of the school schedule. Each section has a special day to conduct the assembly with the help of their Class teacher. It helps the student to get exposed to both Indian and global culture.The Assembly culture is an opportunity for displaying the incredible talent of the children. Its fosters the spirit of group activity, leadership and value building. It also acknowledges the silent workers in the class who are equally talented. The Assembly is an also an opportunity for the students to show their sensitivity and social responsibility. Parents are invited to attend these assemblies, which form the bridges of community between the parents and the school.
The Principal also encourages the teachers to conduct the Assembly periodically. Special assemblies are also held to commemorate important events in the school. The entire school attends special assemblies.
Value Education classes are also conducted by the Principal.
The following schedule is to be followed strictly.
Each assembly lasts for 20-25 minutes and aims at showcasing the talent of the student in the performing their creative arts. The theme and programme inspires the students to inculcate good values. the days of assembly are: MONDAY,WEDNESDAY,THURSDAY & FRIDAY.
1. Breathing Exercise
2. Prayer
3. Thought for the day (to be written on the board after assembly)
4. Two new English words
5. Two G.K. questions
6. Debate for the classes III to X & speech, Recitation, etc. for classes I & II.
7. Value Education story
8. Birthday Celebrations
9. Announcements (if any)
10. National Anthem

Assembly By 8th-Dalton 0n  31 July 2017

CLASS : 8th Dalton
Class Teacher : Mr.Rajkumar
Class Monitor: Alina
Theme of the Assembly: Datlon
Date : 31 July 2017
Cultural programme incharge : Mrs. Malathi
Photography :Mr Kamal kumar

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Assembly  By 9th Tennyson on 24 July 2017

CLASS : 9th tennyson
Class Teacher : Mrs.meenakshi
Class Monitor:
Theme of the Assembly: Tennyson
Date : 24 July 2017
Cultural programme incharge : Mrs. Malathi
Photographer :Mr.Kamal kumar

Assembly By Newton on 26 July 2017

CLASS : 8th Newton
Class Teacher : Mr.Srikar
Class Monitor: Bhuvana
Theme of the Assembly: Newton
Date : 26 July 2017
Cultural programme incharge : Mrs. Malathi
Photography :Mr.Kamal kumar

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Assembly By Buntings on 28 July 2017

CLASS : 3rd Buntings
Class Teacher :Mrs.Usha Sharma
Class Monitor:
Theme of the Assembly: Buntings
Date : 28 July 2017
Cultural programme incharge : Mrs. Malathi
Photography :Mr.Kamal kumar